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The Cowboy Cup is Oklahoma's premier cannabis championship. Everything we do is to ensure that our competition is the very best it can be. We hand-select our judges via application process. Our Judges receive their samples within 1 week of entry drop-off. Entires are packaged in high quality, unbranded jars with the exception of the carts and edibles categories. Packaging is provided by our friends at Custom 420 Supply. The top 15 entires in each of the flower categories picked by our judges will be ran through Ganjier's rigorous SAP cannabis grading system to select the top 3 winners this year. If you think you have what it takes and do not have any affiliation with any company that enters the competition please fill out the form below to sign up to be a judge. If you are selected, judge packs are only $1.00

Judging our competition is a VERY time consuming process. Before you sign up please this into account. We do our best not to overwhelm our judges but it IS quite a commitment and we want all of our judges to give each entry the time it deserves to be properly graded. 

Judge Applications have closed.

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