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 Oklahoma's Premier Cannabis Championship and Arts Festival 

Dec. 2nd & 3rd, 2022
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. 
18+ Patients and Non-Patients

All at the legendary Tumbleweed
Dance Hall & Concert Arena

Stillwater, Okla.

Live Music • Awards Show

Vendors • Glass Blowers

Art Exhibits • Food Trucks

Games • Mechanical Bull

Comfortable Cannabis Consumption

We want to thank everyone who came out this year. Was it perfect? No. But we will continue our promise to grow and improve each year. We are deeply sorry for how the awards ceremony went down in regard to sun-grown flower. Learning the news in that public setting was unfair. We should have contacted each grower beforehand, and for any harm this may have caused them, we sincerely apologize. We hold our contest to the highest standard. We take great care in the handling and storage of each entry. All of the judge packs were made inside Lettuce Smoke Processing. We thank Lettuce Smoke for allowing us to use this wonderful facility year after year.  We know all of the hard work it takes to grow and produce these products and we strive to make sure our competition highlights the efforts of these great Oklahoma growers and processors. The Cowboy Cup is by Oklahomans and for Oklahomans; we have a small but dedicated team that only wants to help the industry.  Certified Ganjiers were brought in this year as we believe they have the training and expertise to grade quality cannabis in this highly competitive championship. There were no monies exchanged and no ulterior motives involved. Our team personally oversaw the visual assessments made and documented by Ganjier and agreed with their findings. The contaminants observed were found inside the bud under digital magnification and were very minimal. However, at that point, we could not ethically deny their request to cease assessment. During the awards ceremony, we asked Wendy to come up and give advice as she has been growing outdoor flower her entire life. It was not her aim to attack, only to help. We want to be clear, all of the samples that were submitted passed with clean results from a certified lab and were deemed safe for consumption. Cowboy Cup stands behind those tests. When we made the decision to continue with the awards ceremony for the sun-grown categories it was to honor the winners who deserved the recognition. All competitors should be proud of what you have accomplished, win or lose. It takes moxie to put your hat in the ring and then to learn from that experience and grow as a company. We will continue to do the best we can to raise the bar for Oklahoma cannabis and be in support of the fine growers, processors and patients in this great state. 

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The Event of the Year

Cowboy Cup has all of the connections that a B2B event needs. We had over 170 of the best growers and processors enter 480 products in 2021. There is no better place to come out and market your business and meet potential clients.


All of this surrounded by the most exciting and entertaining B2C cannabis festival of the year. 2022 again brings some of the best bands in Oklahoma, vendors, and artists including a glassblowing competition, games, food, and more once again to the friendly and comfortable environment of the legendary Tumbleweed Dance Hall and Concert Arena in Stillwater, Okla. 


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